Rates and Services

As a starting point, I use the rates recommended by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) for editorial work, and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) for writing and other work.

Get in touch to discuss your project, and I will provide an estimate for free. In cases where you need proofreading or copy-editing services, I will read a few pages of your work to get a sense of how long the job will take and we can go from there.

The Usual Suspects
I am always very happy to try new things, but the areas I most often work in are:
• Fiction – both with independent authors and those referred by a publisher or agency.
• Non-fiction – both with independent authors and those referred by a publisher or agency.
• PhD theses, postdoctoral research and books or papers by academics working in English as a second language.
• Copy-writing for businesses expanding into an English-speaking market.

Please see my Clients page for examples of my past work, or below for the services I offer.

Copy-editing involves reading the ‘raw’ copy and getting it ready for typesetting and publication. I will:
• Correct spelling and grammar.
• Keep an eye out for inconsistencies in content and formatting.
• Ensure the text flows logically.
• Flag up any factual errors I notice.
• Ensure language is pitched correctly for readership.
• Ensure supporting material such as graphs, tables, or images fulfil their role.
• For more information, see the SfEP guide What is Copy-Editing?

This is usually the last round of edits before publication. After a piece has been copy-edited and typeset, the proofreader looks at the complete product and checks for formatting or layout issues, textual errors missed by the copy-editor and author, and any other ‘oddities’ which catch their eye. I will:
• Work either on screen or on paper.
• Correct typos, spelling errors, and grammatical errors.
• Highlight inconsistencies in formatting and language use.
• For more information, see the SfEP guide What is Proofreading?

Developmental Editing
A developmental edit is a more substantial edit for a fiction or non-fiction piece. I will:
• Provide a summary of your argument or narrative with suggestions on how this can be improved.
• Meet with you (in person or digitally) to discuss possible improvements to ideas, characters, plots, or any element of your text which needs more work.
• Look at several versions of the piece and provide feedback.

Project Management
Editorial projects I have managed include:
• Implementing editorial workflows.
• Overseeing the production of anthologies and other books with multiple authors.
• Implementing publication schedules.
• Transforming publishers’ print back-catalogues into digital books.

I have received training in project management for publishing, and I love the organisational challenge so please get in touch to discuss your project: I am sure I will be keen to take it on!

You can’t be a good editor unless you are a good writer! I can provide sparkling, informative and engaging copy for you.
• Copy-writing for business websites, leaflets, pamphlets.
• Articles and reviews for blogs, magazines and newspapers.

Digital Books
I work with authors to create well formatted, beautiful e-books in a variety of formats, including MOBI, AZW and EPub.