“Christine Fears worked with me on My Renaissance and is helping me put together my next collection of stories One Day. She is a brilliant editor and proof reader – meticulous and wholly committed to her work. She is also phenomenally well read and engaging and I cannot recommend her highly enough, whether you need a last minute read over of that thesis or that final (is it ever?) set of proofs from your sometimes cavalier publisher, help with self-publishing, do contact her (her rates are very reasonable too!)…”
Julia Charalambidies | Author, My Renaissance via Facebook 

“I feel incredibly lucky to have worked closely with Christine, as a colleague she was a great talent and a fantastic person to turn to for advice.
Christine and I worked together at PLOS Medicine where we coordinated the daily running of the journal. In her role Christine managed the Publications Services team to ensure that the journal met its deadlines and effortlessly handled many of the journal’s cross-department collaborations. In addition, she was instrumental in the long-term planning and development of the journal’s processes. Christine always stayed positive and made the working lives of her colleagues great fun, which in turn led to a very productive team environment.
Christine would be an asset to any company and an exceptional choice for anyone considering working with her.”
Dr Paul Simpson | Deputy Editor, PLOS Medicine via LinkedIn

“Calling all writer friends – I’ve read a couple of posts about poor editing recently and I really do believe a good editor is essential to any publication. I’m currently putting my Devil stories together for another book and I’ve had the extraordinary good fortune to have Christine Fears editing them, not just copy editing but really questioning the prose and seeing it afresh. I know most publishers use in house editors but if you have the chance to choose I can’t recommend her highly enough – and she draws beautifully!
Julia Charalambidies | Author, One Day… via Facebook 

“Thank you very much! For sure I would fail without you!”
Dr Cesar Palacios Gonzalez | Postdoctoral Researcher, Kings College London via email